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This database was created in response to the most frequently asked questions. However, do not view it as a model making course or seminar. It is not our intention to teach or educate anyone, but to share some important information, some of which you might find useful, whether you are our customer, a colleague, or a hobbyist.
We will be grateful if you share your own knowledge and send us your article in order to expand and enrich this database – we will be happy to publish it here with crediting your name. Please note that we will publish only articles related to general model making theory.


All articles are a sole intellectual property of Gamla Originals, Inc. DBA Gamla Model Makers or our contributors and cannot be copied, printed or published without expressed permission of the owner.

However, feel free linking your web site to any article in this database.

We hope you will enjoy exploring this database.


- Glossary of Model Making Terms




scale models and general model making theory

- Why Model

- Classification of Scale Models

- Scale and Scale Selection

- Levels of Detailing

- Multiples


- Quote Request Guidelines (Model's Requirements)


scale models for trade shows and exhibits

- Marketing models of Vehicles and Aircraft

- 1:16 scale model for Trade Shows

- 1:4 scale Model of up-armored HMMWV

- 1:5 scale Model of MaxxPro Dash International MRAP Vehicle


scale models for military

- Sets of Scale Models for Combat Identification and Recognition Training

- Scale Models for Terrain Study in Military Training

- Scale Models for Structure Study in Military and Law Enforcement Training


museum models and dioramas

- Rex Stewart's Cut-Away of USS Constitution Gun Deck

- Mataró - the oldest Museum Ship Model


history of model making

- Allied Military Model Making during World War II by A. W. Pearson (PDF)


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1:4 scale HMMWV | 1:5 scale MaxxPro Dash MRAP Vehicle | International Space Station (ISS) Models

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