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Scale Models


We fabricate all types of scale models and replicas for display, presentation and training purposes. Our models are precisely accurate, brilliantly finished and meet all customer's requirements.


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Architectural Models


We have experience of creating all types of architectural models, in any scale, starting from study models and finishing with museum quality sale/presentation models. We are working for architects as well as building contractors, real estate and property development companies. All our models come with highly realistic people figurines, cars and trees. If required we will add to the model special features, such as custom made furniture, light, sound and graphics.
Upon request we will provide you with clear protective cover, pedestal and transit case - custom fabricated for your model.


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Urban Models


Urban model is a model that represents a whole town, part of a city and sometimes a whole city. It involves a large mass of buildings and other urban features. Urban model is a brilliant tool for planning and control of urban development. It is rare type of model, due to its high cost and huge amount of time required in order to build such a model. It also requires a special knowledge of how to engineer, build and preserve such model, so it will live a long life without repairs and will be easy to maintain and use. We proud to carry this expertise and will be happy to offer it to city and township governments.


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Museum / Exhibit / Trade Show Models


We proud to offer our outstanding expertise in creating models for private and Government owned museums and visitor centers. We have experience of creating micro scale models (smaller than the origin) and macro scale models (larger than the origin) as well. Our museum models are being fabricated out of special or special treated acid free materials, sealed and protected in accordance with museum conservation and preservation requirements. Feedback from our customers confirms that our models are being exhibited for 8 10 years without repairs.
Upon request, special features and effects may be added to the model, including narration, lights, sound effects and movement.


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Museum Dioramas


In addition to mono scale museum models we offer multi scale museum dioramas, representing a view on area of significant size. Museum diorama is, in fact, a micro scene/set where scale decreases to the back of the diorama which ends by painted background creating an illusion of perspective.
Our dioramas also being created in accordance with conservation and preservation requirements, built to be exhibited for decades without repair, special effects designed especially for the diorama may be installed.


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We offer masters and prototypes of toys for toy manufacturers and inventors. Your newborn toy items will be developed and fabricated to meet precisely your aesthetical and technological requirements.


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We offer masters and prototypes of collectible items, whenever it is scale replica, whimsical urban or precise architectural replica, figurine, clock, collectible plate, any film or TV based merchandize or piece of designed kitchenware. We developed dozens of incredible items for largest US collectible manufacturers.


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Litigation Models


This type of models is very special and used by attorneys as well as by prosecution to illustrate a case by most effective if not spectacular way. Most often litigation models being used for accident cases. Dear attorneys, nothing will prove your point and support you line of defense like easy understandable, highly graphic scale model, and we are here to help you.


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Industrial Prototypes


We offer all types of new product prototypes for product developers, inventors and manufacturers.


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Desktop Models


Executive desktop model/replica is a wonderful gift, award or just a piece of beautification for your home, office or quarters, or for home, office or quarters of your colleague, customer or even best friend. It is custom for some industries, such as ship, aircraft or spacecraft building to have desktop models. Highly precise and beautifully done desktop model will serve in some cases as training aid or design support device.
We offer one-of-a-kind models as well as short, medium and large production runs of custom designed desktop models.


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We offer sculptures and figurines for wide variety of purposes, custom made in accordance to your design and specifications. Whenever you are in need of collectible figurine, sculpted replica, custom sculpture, including monumental sculptures done by artist, we will be happy to assist you.


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Military Miniatures

We provide masters and prototypes of all types of military miniatures and diorama accessories, including historical and science fiction as well. Show us the best existing product on the market and we could provide you with a product that will be of higher quality, more precise and more detailed.

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Props, Micro Sets for film/TV production

We offer wide range of scale and actual size props, models, micro sets, micro scenes and scenic elements for film, TV and commercials production.

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Custom Displays/Pedestals

Upon request we provide custom made display stands and pedestals for architectural, museum, executive desktop and other scale models. Style, configuration, material and finish of your choice.


Clear Protective Covers

We provide clear acrylic protective covers for all suitable models upon request. For some models, such as architectural, exhibit and desktop models a clear protective cover is highly recommended.


Transit Cases

We provide a wide variety of custom made transit cases. Transit cases available in different styles and finishes, starting from simple one-time-use transportation crates and finishing with DOD grade rigid plastic or aluminum cases designed for years of active use. Some of our customers were surprised to receive transit cases of quality that exceeded all their expectations.



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