Gamla Model Makers is a full service Model Making, Product Development and Sculpting Company, established in 1999 by Lev Brodsky, professional model maker and collectibles designer.

From the very first days of the company’s existence the main focus was set to universality and quality that will exceed customer’s highest expectations.
We are combining classic, high skilled model making with newest technology and materials. We carefully select our team members and train them to be universal model makers, who will be able to work fast, efficiently, comprehend in different fields of model making, and be able to switch from one project to another, from one type of model to totally different one.
We also carefully select outside vendors for all types of collateral services. We demand from our vendors and associates to match our high standards and to be dependable as we cannot let customer down, even due to the actions of a third party’s.
Although the core of our philosophy is highly trained, professional model makers, we consider ourselves a modern model making firm, that belongs to the 21st Century and uses all that today’s technology can offer. We see technology as a tool that makes model fabrication easier, faster and more cost effective, parts – sharp and deadly precise, and take off the team an aggravation of performing annoying self repeating operations. We have and widely use all technological processes, starting from resin cast and finishing with large format CNC machining, which may save us time and free our hands in order to perform more important tasks.
Over the years we worked hard to develop our firm into a one stop center for model making, product development and presentation support services. Our goal is to provide the highest quality assistance for different type of customers, whether they are Architects, Museums, Exhibit Designers, Film Makers, Collectible and Toy Manufacturers or Inventors. We are expanding our list of services, adding new and upgrading traditional ones. The most recent additions to the variety of our services are 3D Modeling, Digital Development and 3D based Architectural / Product Renderings and Illustrations.

Since 2004, we have been actively performing as Government Contractor for agencies such as NASA, Army, Air Force, Navy and local Governments. Our customer's list includes major Defense / Aerospace contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Navistar Defense, KBR and others. Our performance is recognized and highly appreciated by our Government and Corporate Clients.

Our strongest believe is that the key to our success is to be here for the customers – to listen, to hear, to help and to support. To provide you with a tool that will assure your success in the most spectacular way.


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