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Quote and pricing
Quoting a prospective project is usually free of charge and good for 30 days by default. In most cases a quote is a firm fixed price. For selected services, a quote might be  based on an hourly rate ($125.00), or a daily rate ($850), or a square ft rate (for architectural models). A firm fixed price includes minor changes/adjustments to the completed Model. Minor changes are those requiring less than one working day of total additional time. Changes requiring in excess of one working day or requested in addition to the original agreement are considered major changes and will be billed at $125.00/hour or $850/day. The completed changes have to be approved by the customer in writing via e-mail or by signing the approval form.
Firm fixed price does not include delivery, or shipping/handling. In most cases the cost of shipping or delivery is TBD (to be determined) pending the exact number, dimensions and weight of the packed/crated shipments. A crating fee might be applied. Company is willing to put the customers in direct contact with the shipping carrier/agent or welcomes customer's own shipping arrangements. All costs associated with shipping/handling or delivery will be added to the final invoice.

A quote is usually free of charge. However Company reserves the right to apply service and/or consulting fee in certain situations, such as: elaborate quoting process, "low probability" project inquiry, inquiry with no further response, concealed competition or shopping for a lowest bidder. Service/consulting fee will be calculated based on time and effort spent, value of consulting and, in some cases, compensation for a loss of profit.

Reference Materials
All reference materials must be submitted by customer. Customer is fully responsible for legality (including copyright etc.), content, and accuracy of submitted reference materials. Search for reference materials or additional reference materials can be provided at a charge of $105.00 per hour plus cost of purchased literature. Purchased literature is a property of the Customer and will be released to the Customer after project's completion or cancellation.

The Model/Master fabrication is based on briefing with customer and reference materials.
The Model/Master is considered in fabrication upon signing the job agreement by customer and receiving the deposit payment unless agreed payment conditions are “Full payment upon completion” which applicable for Government jobs only.
Company utilizes the services of outside manufacturers and suppliers, and thus cannot be responsible for changing costs, time of order turnaround or other terms and conditions of third party providers. Any additional charges due to third party providers or outside sources will be responsibility of customer.
Company does not responsible for delay in project’s fabrication caused by customer’s actions. Company reserves the right to put project fabrication on hold due to a delayed deposit or progress payment, or provision of requested reference materials.

Company does not claim to keep any rights or copyright to commissioned Model/Master, its replicas and collateral products. At the moment of receiving a full payment for ordered Model/Master all rights are being transferred automatically to the Customer in their entirety, no additional certification for the transfer of the above rights is required.
Company reserves the right not to release the Model/Master and collateral products and materials unless paid in full. Company also reserves the right not to release these collateral and intermediate products and materials, release of which might put at risk Company's profits or trade secrets. Such materials and products include, but not limited to: intermediate masters, molds, other physical tooling, drawings, native (original) graphic files, original artwork, native (original) 3D digital files, 3D digital models configured for direct production as well as 3D digital tooling.
Company reserves the right to photograph, duplicate, and utilize images of fabricated Model/Master for Company’s own marketing and advertisement purposes unless agreed otherwise.


Non-Disclosure Policy

All reference materials, sketches, drawings, 3D data, images and descriptions submitted for quotation purposes and production are confidential by default and will not be disclosed to a third party whenever a prospective job will be awarded to the Company or not.

Images of an end product and collateral products subjects to patent pending, as well as litigation models and models representing confidential/classified subjects will not be used for Company's marketing and advertising by default until above images are released for public view and use of above images is permitted by the Customer in writing.

Cancellation of project can be made by Customer at any time. If project been cancelled, Customer is responsible for cancellation fee in amount of 10% of total agreed price and for compensation of the time spent for Model/Master design and fabrication so far at $125.00/hour or $850/day.


Pending Fabrication
Project fabrication can be put on hold upon Customer’s request, pending approval, changes in design, reference materials preparation or for other reason. In case of pending fabrication for the period more than two calendar weeks, the Customer will be responsible for a partial payment compensating for a work completed so far. In case of pending fabrication for the period of one calendar month or more, a monthly storage fee might be applied to compensate the Company for storage and maintenance of the pending model, especially if the model is oversized. A fee for storing a model/s starts from $125/month and depends on the size of the model and specifics of its maintenance.

Model's Handling and Maintenance
Models are fragile by nature, even high durability trade show models. Models require gentle handling and proper maintenance. A model should be stored/displayed in controlled environment, at a room temperature, and being kept away from direct sunlight and UV radiation. Some model's components, often most of the components might be made of resin and plastics, susceptible to a physical shock and can break and shatter if a model is dropped or hit. All resins and many plastics are also susceptible to the temperatures higher than 71 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Company does not provide a warranty for fabricated Models and does not accept responsibility for the damages occurred as a result of mishandling and/or poor maintenance. Company also does not accept responsibility for Models lifetime unless stated otherwise. Repairs can be provided at a charge of $125.00/hour.

Payments and payment terms
The standard payment terms are 50% upfront, 50% upon completion. "Full payment upon completion" terms might be applied to Government jobs only. Orders placed by individuals (non-corporate clients), international orders and orders for total amount less than $10,000 must be pre-paid.

Payments are to be made in accordance with the agreement and invoices submitted. A payment for the invoice with the term "Due on receipt" is expected to be delivered no later than in 10 days. Shipping & handling costs and taxes as required are added to invoice. Payment may be made by company check, money order, cashier’s check or cash. Company also accepts Pay Pal and Venmo (non-corporate customers).
A charge of $152.00 will be assessed in the event of a returned draft.
A penalty in amount of 10% of total agreed price will be added to any payment not made by the due date. A monthly penalty for further non-payment will be calculated based on the total agreed amount and previously applied penalties. In the event Company employs an attorney or/and collection professionals to collect unpaid full or partial balance, Customer shall be responsible for all costs of collection including attorney’s fees, collection fees and expert witness fees. The collection cost along with late charges and other applicable fees will be added to the un-paid balance when above balance will be placed for collection.

Company reserves the right to withhold or repossess the model or other products in the event of non-payment. Customer shall be responsible for the costs of repossession and storing, which will be added to the unpaid balance and placed for collection. 


Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Service
Terms and Conditions of Service apply on all projects and prevail over all other terms and policies. By placing inquiry, request for quote or an order customer agrees to the above terms and conditions.



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