1:16 scale Trade Show Models

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Traditionally trade show and presentation models of Vehicles, Equipment and other such subjects being made in large scale. It is most often 1:10, 1:8 and 1:6 scale, where the average size of the model is 4 - 5 ft long.
These models are spectacular, no doubt about it. They are large, have high details resolution, noticeable easily and from the far. They dominate the trade show booth and act as a natural magnet for the audience, bringing visitors into the booth.
Large scale models are very beneficial, however they have serious disadvantages.
- Large scale models of high quality are very expansive. These having special features, such as interior or articulating components - even more expansive.
- Sizable and often heavy models are not easy to handle and transport. In addition to higher cost of a model itself, a custom ATA transit case for it is also costly. Large models more likely to be mishandled, dropped and damaged.
- While dominating the booth, a large scale model takes more space.
- Because of the above reasons - high cost of the model, transit case, transportation and required space, a number of exhibited large scale models is usually limited to 2, rarely 3. Therefore, your exhibit is consisting of fewer vehicles or systems that your company might want to showcase.
For the last half-decade Gamla Model Makers was recommending and promoting trade show models in 1:16 scale. While smaller than 1:10 or 1:12 scale models, these in 1:16 scale are large enough to be noticeable at a trade show, allow high level of detailing and sometimes even articulation. Yet they are portable enough to be easily transported and deployed. A cost of 1:16 scale models is significantly lower, as well as the cost of the transit cases (usually Pelican type). Pelican cases keep the models well protected during transportation, so effectively that they can be shipped by Fedex or UPS, for a mere fraction of a freight cost. Deployed in a trade show booth, 1:16 scale models take less space, therefore more models of vehicles and systems can be exhibited at the same time. To summarize, 1:16 scale trade show models proved to be cost effective yet highly presentable, portable and better protected in storing and transportation. A number of Gamla Model Maker's customers already have in their possession entire fleets of 1:16 scale models, exhibiting 4-6 models at the same time, which greatly increase a power of the exhibit and increase sales capability.


1:16 scale model of M-ATV with electronic equipment and interchangeable elements

1:16 scale model of the JAB - M1A2 based bridge. The model is articulating, demonstrating bridge deployment process with high accuracy.

A close-up view on the articulated components of the 1:16 scale JAB model

1:16 scale model of a Field Electronic System exhibited on the Pelican transit case, accompanying the model

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