1:50 scale Museum Grade Model of ISS - 2015


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One of the most noticeable models created by Gamla Model Makers in 2015 is a giant 1:50 scale model of ISS. The model is twice larger than our most popular 1:100 scale model. It depicts the latest 2015 configuration including the newly added elements such as replicas of Dragon and Cygnus spacecraft, as well as the BEAM - the inflatable habitat module.
The 1:50 scale version was developed using the 3D model of the 1:100 scale ISS. However, due to a larger size, the majority of the elements were re-designed in order to increase the level of detailing and overall accuracy. The internal reinforcement system, supports and the order of assembly also were modified in order to compensate for increased size and, most importantly, weight. The images below provide an insight on the assembly of the model and attaching magnetized elements. You can see how large this model is on the images where the crew members interact with it.
The model was delivered to the NASA Johnson Space Center where it should be installed in the Visitors Center.


completed model

Photographing: Creative Photography By Maya exclusively for Gamla Model Makers

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the video

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