1:50 Scale Model of M777A2 - 155mm Lightweight Howitzer


This is a 1:50 scale replica of M777A2, the lightweight towed 155mm howitzer. The replica is designed for US Army, to serve as executive desktop model.

The model represents the howitzer deployed in firing position with the barrel elevated at approximately 35 degrees, it is mounted on custom bases, finished with African mahogany, have clear acrylic display cases and custom brass plated nameplates. Originally replicas were designed in Standard Edition, mounted on black painted base with aluminum nameplate. Wood finished bases and gold looking nameplates were meant for the Luxury Edition of the model. However, as per customer's requirement, the majority of the replicas were produced in Luxury edition rather than the Standard.


Like all our models this replica was first created in 3D software and developed digitally. Color renderings of the 3D model where submitted to the client for review and approval.


3d renderings m777

To enlarge - left click on the thumb. To close - left click again or Esc. Use ARROW buttons to navigate.



3d simulation - standard & luxury edition m777


3d simulation m777a2


We chose pewter casting to produce replicas' parts. In order to do that we had first to produce metal masters. We grew the masters in wax on Projet machine and converted them to metal using Metal Investment Casting method. Because of the enormously high resolution of the Projet growth the masters came out incredibly detailed.


high resolution metal masters

finished model

Photographing: Creative Photography By Maya exclusively for Gamla Model Makers




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