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Sharing of 3D proofs is very easy. There is a number of 3D viewers available for download from the Internet. Some are better, some worth. 3D viewers are usually open source software, free and easy to download and install. The only concern should be is to download a viewer from a reputable website, so there will be no "unwanted guests" in your computer.

Major developers of engineering 3D modeling and simulation software usually providing a viewer that is being developed by the company itself and adapted to the specifics of  the files created using their product. We recommend our customers to use the E-Drawings viewer, developed by SolidWorks and available for download from SolidWorks website. E-Drawings viewer is free, SolidWorks website is a reputable one, hence downloading from that website is safe and a viewer itself has friendly interface and easy to operate.

E-Drawings viewer opens E-Drawings files with extension .easm or .eprt. It is a specific file type, developed specifically for review in this viewer, such file can be generated off any 3D part or assembly created in SolidWorks.  These files are extremely lightweight, rarely exceeding 3 MB, they can be simply attached to an e-mail.

E-Drawings viewer gives our customers an opportunity to review the model in 3D, to turn it 360 degrees, view it in one of the pre-set positions, zoom in and out, turn on and off a model's components, measure and make notes. Unfortunately E-Drawings viewer is not able to catch a rendered data, such as photorealistic colors and textures, but it can recognize color coding of parts and components and run a simulation of an exploded view if one was programmed.

E-Drawings viewer is an easy and effective way of sharing 3D data and understanding an architecture of a 3D model.

To learn more about E-Drawings viewer and its features, please, visit E-Drawings Online Help Portal.


Screenshots of E-Drawings viewer

To enlarge - left click on the thumb. To close - left click again or Esc. Use ARROW buttons to navigate.

Isometric view

Preset view-left

Model's tree





A tip for better viewing

By default a model is shaded by silver-gray color and model's edges are hidden. Hidden edges makes viewing the model in details difficult. It will help to turn on a model's edges from the View menu: View>Show Edges When Shaded. Below are two screenshots side by side showing the model with hidden and revealed edges.


Edges are hidden Edges are shown


Download E-Drawings

E-Drawings viewer is available for download from SolidWorks website, safe and free of charge. The software is available for both, PC and Macintosh platforms. Click on the E-Drawings logo below to be redirected to the SolidWorks website.

Sharing of 3D Generated Renderings

Our 3D generated photorealistic renderings are saved as high resolution graphic files, usually in JPEG format. Therefore renderings can be shared just like any other JPEG pictures. Our proof package usually contains 15 - 25 renderings. Due to high resolution these files are heavy and cannot be all attached to an e-mail. In order to send the renderings we are compacting them into a ZIP file and uploading to the online FTP site (we do not use services of Hightail (former anymore). Our client receives a notification e-mail with the link to the ZIP file and able to download the file and unpack it. is a known online FTP service provider, downloading our file from there should be safe and easy.

We encourage our customers to use this service as well for sending us multiple heavy files, exceeding the usual 16 MB limit allowed for direct e-mail attachment. Even a free account with allows our customers to transfer up to 2GB at a time.

Sharing of 3D Generated Drawings

We usually save 3D generated drawings as a PDF file, which is a known, recognizable and reputable format. PDF line drawing files are lightweight and can be attached directly to an email.

Attention, Government Clients!

Sharing with Government Clients has its specific side, because Government computers are blocking download from SolidWorks and websites as well as blocking ZIP files from download and unpacking.

We fully understand that Government computers should be thoroughly protected from possible threats. However these limitations are making sharing with Government Clients difficult.  We suggest that our Government POCs will be using  off-network non-Government computer for installing the E-Drawings viewer and receiving our zipped proof packages.




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