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By the end of year 2010 we completed digitalization of Gamla Model Makers and adopted 3D modeling and rapid prototyping in full extent. Each and every model now is being developed digitally using 3D software. this process is resulting in creating a 3D computer model of the future physical model and generating a Digital Tooling in order to produce parts and components by rapid prototyping techniques. A collateral products of digital development are photorealistic color 3D renderings serving as imagery proofs and line drawings serving as fabrication and assembly guidance.

We described the benefits of digital development on the Main Page of the Gamla Digital Portal.

Let's review the new Products that became available from our Company as a result of offering 3D modeling as our new service.


Digital Products

3D Digital Models

We offer custom 3D models that can be saved and submitted in convenient format. We create a 3D digital model by default now for practically every physical model that is being ordered. It helps customer to see the future model prior to actual fabrication, to finalize its look and to be confident in project's outcome. We also accept orders for creating 3D models as per specifications without further fabrication of a physical scale model or prototype.

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3D Renderings

Photorealistic 3D color renderings are powerful presentation and marketing tool, especially when it comes to presenting in realistic manner a product or design which does not exist yet. In order to produce 3D rendering a 3D digital model of the subject should be created, after which we adding to it textures, colors and effects.

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3D Illustrations

3D illustration is a product, similar to a 3D rendering. Illustration is usually being created by combining several renderings with added scenery elements and photorealistic background.   


Line drawings, generated from 3D model are the most detailed and precise with unlimited number of straight views, cut-outs and isometric views.

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What is Digital Tooling?

A 3D model cannot be sent to machine "as is". In order to produce a future physical model by rapid prototyping, a 3D model's parts and components have to be prepared. We decide which parts will be produced by one of specific rapid prototyping techniques and digitally assembling these parts into clusters, connecting and positioning them in a manner that will allow to produce them as clean as possible and with highest level of detailing. Depending on targeted technology some of the parts are being grouped, some - left separate and single. During this process connections between the parts are being adjusted to make the model easy to assemble. Each group of parts and single part is being saved in a format that is the most friendly for selected technique. Finally, each file is being converted so that it will be easy to scale it up or down if needed.

Designing a digital tooling is not an easy process and requires from a model maker focus and thorough premeditation of future assembly, finishing and painting.



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