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Photo etching is also a technique that model makers adopted and utilizing for almost 30 years. This technique found its way into both, custom models production and mass production of scale model kits.


Photo etching is based on relatively simple chemical process quite similar to the process of developing photographs, only the output of the process are flat parts chemically etched in a thin metal sheet. It takes skills and experience to produce quality parts with precise and crisp etching, and the process itself still be quite expansive. However the result speaks for itself - this method is the only one by which we can produce flat thin metal parts, accurate and durable.


We are using this method for years, designing universal photo etched nets and grids and keeping them in stock. Whenever we need to add to a model a delicate grid, net or fence, we have our pre-fabricated photo etched plates available. We were also producing by custom photo etching window and door frames, delicate micro fixtures and even whole walls for architectural models.


Unlike other modern rapid prototyping methods photo etching is not computer driven and is not based on 3D models. The input for this technology are simple black and white graphic files converted into a transparent film. Therefore no sophisticated software is required to prepare files for production of photo etched parts.


With development of additive rapid prototyping techniques photo etching method did not lose its relevancy and still be highly considered when we dispatch a digital tooling for a specific model. 


Samples of Photo Etched Parts

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1:160 scale fences.

One of our pre-designed photo etched plates.

Photo etched parts for bridge replica

Heavy duty part etched in 1mm thick brass. Rear vent grid for up-armored HMMWV model

Heavy duty engine grid/net etched in 1mm thick brass.

1:160 scale model of a school. Side window panels are custom photo etched

1:160 scale model of a school. Custom photo etched parts of the entrance area.

Scale replica of Mickey's Diner developed for Danbury Mint. Entrance is 100% custom photo etched.

Whimsical replica of St. Louis. Use of pre-designed photo etched grids to decorate the buildings.

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